Li Wei the Inspiring Performance Artist Dare-Devil

A great artist who i never been heard before!!! His works are completely amazing!!!

Nicole Belopotosky

Li Wei is half performance artist, half photographer who uses his body as canvas. His Evil Knievel-type stunts truly test the limits of gravity. For Wei, this allows him to create his own limitless reality. Born in a Hubei province farming family and later migrating to Beijing; Li Wei lacked the academic qualifications to be admitted into the government-run Central Academy of Art. After a year at the privately-run Oriental Arts College studying painting he realized that the traditional art form was not for him and dropped out. To survive, Li Wei worked in various low paying jobs until he reached a dead-end. He radically changed directions to performance art and taught himself photography. His performance photography allows the audience and Wei to enter into his own manipulated reality. Many pieces are comical and provocative, however, they all give great insight into the artist. To see more of Li Wei’s…

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