“I’m tired of Banksy”….are you sure?

Surfing on the web i found this article who speak about the works of Banksy. First question: are you very very sure that the correct word is “Tired”? I don’t want to judge the work of other people, absolutly not, but as a philosopher i know the importance of every single words in a sentence. Maybe you are not tired of banky, you are just used to see it. When i’m saying that is because, for example, i think about the guardian of the Louvre gallery. He every day pass in front to the Monalisa, and maybe he is “tired” to see it every day. But this doesn’t mean that the painting have to be devalues. Second question: about what you are tired? I cannot understand. maybe i didn’t get your message in the article, but if you are tired to see the works of this artist just because you see its everyday, i’m sorry, but you will be tired of all kind of arts soon if you attend some artistic gallery. Of course if you, reader, reading the article have some different impression i’ll be glad if you’ll comment this post.


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