Photoshop love keyboard!

As probably you know, mouse isn’t the only hardware that we have for interact with Photoshop. Keyboard, for who don’t use the Adobe’s software as a professional, is not so considered. Is time for change your Idea!!! Through this tutorial you will know better how to use keyboard for make your work better and quick! ENJOY!!! You can reach the tutorial clicking HERE.

Come probabilmente sapete, il mouse non è l’unico strumento che ci permette di interagire con Photoshop. La tastiera, per chi non usa il software dell’Adobe da professionista, non è molto considerata. Beh, è tempo di cambiare idea! Tramite questo tutorial potrete capire come sfruttare la vostra tastiera per rendere il vostro lavoro migliore e più veloce. BUON DIVERTIMENTO! Potete raggiungere il tutorial cliccando QUI


Tutorial SAVE ME!!!

How many times you wanted to do something very amazing with Photoshop but you don’t know how to do it? As a fan of graphic for me is a common problem. But ”Tutorial Magazine” can help me, and you of course! There are a lot of tutorial that can help to make very cool stuff or just for know better how this great software work. But not only Photoshop. There are also the section for İllustrator, for create new thing with Flash. Hoping this will be useful, go, and create!!!