Pimp my money

There are a lot of people that don’t have a lot of money. Others don’t have it at all. Other have too much. Is the case (probably) of this guy (or girl, i dind’t understand) that have fun making graffiti on banknote. right or not, is funny! look at the galley clicking¬†HERE.

Ci sono tante persone che non hanno molti soldi. Altre non ne hanno proprio. Altri invece ne hanno troppi. E’ il caso (probabilmente) di questo ragazzo (o ragazza, non ho capito bene) che si diverte colorando e “personalizzando” delle banconote. Giusto o sbagliato, √® divertente! Guardate la gallery cliccando¬†QUI.


Moments make the history

A moment for us, a moment for remember….Those are the real values of photos…A single picture can make us smile or cry, make us happy or sad…In this gallery there is a collection of the 40 more powerful photographs ever….remember, every single photos that you take have a meaning, even if you think it’s stupid, is part of you, part of your personal story….and you make the history!!!

For the special mom…

Like every years the Mother’s day arrive and like every years the sons/daughters all around the world don’t know what give to their mother. I have here something that you can show her. Of course is a parody, and don’t take it personally, dear mom (but like every parody, contain something real =) )….HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!!!