The voluntartist


I’m the “italian-who-don’t-look-as-an-italian”. That cause my external aspect. i’m blonde, with not a lot of muscle and with the belly. Fuck the stereotype!!! Btw, returning serious, i’m 24 years old and i’d graduate in Philosophy of art (aesthetic) at the University of Bologna in november 2011. I love arts in general, especially photography and street art. One of my hobby is taking photo all around with my canon trying to not do the same and boring photo (this is what i hope to do). I love to practice any kind of sport, especially volleyball (who i played for a lot of years). Right now i’m doing my EVS project in Istanbul, sharing my knowledge on photography with the children of the foundation Basak sanat Vakfi (check on facebook and add it as your friend!!). I worked in Italy for the festival “Festa del Racconto” in Carpi for two years, where i had the chance to collaborate on the creation of the photographic exhibition “Mettici la Faccia” in 2011.


Panmaki. Turkish one. I interest in mostly visual arts. What are these things? Short films, illustrations, some kind of designs, animations,……………interest in music. W? Every kind of music that make me feel in that situations but really i like taste of every spices of music…………..interest in web. W? Searching for new, quirky, bizarre, uniq and artistic facts………What i dont like? Rude acts, musts and musn’ts, evil-minded persons, times of the tension…………………………………….“Last is rest”


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