Read before read…

Here we are dude!! This is a new way (we hope) for look at this huge world called “Art”. We are not two art expert or whatever, we are only two guys who met each other in Istanbul and one night, in front of a bottle of wine and a piece of Parmigiano Reggiano (and two package of cigarettes) decided to create this blog. Our purpose is only to share art with all the people. that’s all. We don’t want to teach arts. We want only publish what for US is art or, more simple, what we like and we find around the web. And, of course, we will participate actively wit our “poor” works.

As first post, we think is enough. We continue to enjoy wine and cigarettes (and turkish cnbc’series with turkish subtitles) thinking at the next posts.

See you later, and stay tuned!!!

Enrico & Akif




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